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Would you like to ship from China to UAE but you are confused with tons of documents, shipping agents, custom clearance…Do you need a proper freight management? Agencies with full packages offer high rates, and doing it yourself is timely, costly, and so exhausting…

We have a solution for you.

Our rates will positively surprise you, our service will make your business a pleasure, to work with us -is safe and easy.

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Bayan Biri
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Any shipment size
We work with individuals
Door to Door
Satisfied Customers
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Insurance coverage

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

We will take care of your shipments  and deliver them safe and on time!

best shipping company in the world



Sea transit shipment usually takes 12-20 calendar days, depending on the port of China.

Door to Door shipment takes 25-33 calendar days, starting from the day of cargo’s arrival to our warehouse in China.

The best way is to fill a form on the website with the shipment’s details, including your contact details, delivery address, and your Chinese supplier’s contact number.

In addition, you can contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail, or telephone numbers below.

We accept any sizes of shipment but any small parcel will be charged at  minimum rate 75 AED.

We accept Cash, Credit Card and Online payments. Payment should be sent before or on delivery.

The information about vacancies you can receive contacting us via e-mail: info@ukrshipping.com

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من الصين إلى دبي: رحلة البضائع الخاصة بك مع شركة يو كي آر للشحن

في عالم الشحن والنقل الدولي، تعتبر عملية نقل البضائع من الصين إلى دبي رحلة استراتيجية تتطلب تخطيطاً دقيقاً وتنفيذاً سلساً. هذه الرحلة ليست مجرد نقل للبضائع من نقطة إلى أخرى، بل هي سلسلة…

How UKR Shipping Ensures Safe and Timely Delivery from China to Dubai

International shipping is vital for global trade, especially when it involves transporting goods between China and Dubai, one of the world’s main commercial hubs. UKR Shipping stands out as one of the leading…

كيف تضمن شركة يو كي آر للشحن التسليم الآمن وفي الوقت المحدد من الصين إلى دبي

    يعتبر الشحن الدولي من الأمور الحيوية للتجارة العالمية، وخاصة عندما يتعلق الأمر بالنقل بين الصين ودبي، أحدى أكبر المراكز التجارية الرئيسية في العالم. وتتميز شركة يو كي آر للشحن بأنها واحدة…

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