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China export to UAEChina is one of the largest export partner for UAE. China’s exports in November 2021 were primarily from Guangdong Province ($858 million), Zhejiang Province ($729 million), Jiangsu Province ($438 million), Shandong Province ($373 million), and Shanghai Province ($185 million), with imports primarily from Beijing ($1.24 billion), Zhejiang Province ($1.21 billion), Shandong Province ($477 million), Guangdong Province ($281 million), and Liaoning Province ($210 million).

Import-Export growth in China to UAE

In November 2021, an increase in product imports of refined petroleum ($37.9 million, or 73.3 percent), gold ($11.6 million, or 473 percent), and propylene polymers ($4.26 million, or 11.3 percent) explained the increase in China’s year-over-year imports from the United Arab Emirates.

Trade Import-Export between China and UAE

Telephones ($470 million), computers ($319 million), light fixtures ($75.5 million), video displays ($74.8 million). Vehicle parts ($67.1 million) were China’s top exports to the United Arab Emirates in November 2021. Crude petroleum ($2.58 billion), petroleum gas ($425 million), ethylene polymers ($215 million), acyclic alcohols ($172 million), and semi-finished iron ($170 million) were China’s main imports from the United Arab Emirates in November 2021.

The UAE and China have negotiated a major $3.4 billion contract, which ‘isn’t surprising.’

  •  $3.4 billion as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  • The current pact is anticipated to increase bilateral trade from $53 billion to $70 billion in the coming year.
  • China is already the UAE’s second-largest economic partner, and the country’s exports to the Middle East pass through the UAE.


The significance of commerce between the United Arab Emirates and China

The UAE is one of the main regional markets for Chinese imports. Significant axis for the re-export of Chinese goods into the region and Africa. China is a key market for the UAE’s hydrocarbon exports. From China’s standpoint, the UAE is a critical axis at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Given its position as the main regional logistics center, the UAE plays an essential role in China’s Belt & Road program, thanks to its marine, aviation, and land logistics capabilities. The UAE’s trade-ready infrastructure is critical for allowing Chinese commodities to travel across the region and into Africa.

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