China to Dubai shipping,United Arab Emirates

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China to Dubai shipping, United Arab Emirates

Air and sea transportation are the two options for importing or shipping from China to Dubai and the third door-to-door option. Depending on various factors, such as available space, cargo volume, volume, speed of delivery, and cost, you can choose the best option from these options. Below we provide more information about the shipping methods available and how to choose the right one.

Air transport from China to Dubai

If you are looking for an express service or a fast delivery in Dubai, air transport is the best choice. However, keep in mind that air travel can be very expensive. It should be noted that faster transit times depend on the choice of air transport, as well as many other variables. There are many airports in China that offer air transportation between China and Dubai, and transit times vary depending on the airport you choose.

When should I choose an aircraft? Fast delivery – The flight time from China to Dubai is several hours, but the air transport can take 2-10 days. This usually depends on other preparation factors, such as:

Cargo Airport In China

Availability and reservation of the carrier’s cargo space
Transport of goods from the warehouse / factory to the designated airport
Loading and unloading of goods
The security check process
– Product type – The type of product shipped from China to Dubai also plays an important role in determining the delivery method. Situations in which the goods are fragile, perishable and have a high seasonal demand or require immediate renewal – air transport is appropriate.

Cargo Handling – We all know that cargo handling points are much smaller than air handling. If the goods are fragile, air transport is preferred.

Increased security – Airport security procedures and checks are stricter. Delicate and expensive goods are usually shipped by air.

Delivery from China to Dubai

If time is not critical and you want to ship in bulk, shipping is preferable because it is more economical than air transportation. Delivery from China to Dubai can be done by FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Container Load).

In this case, FCL can be economical. FCL is faster than LCL transport. Because you only have containers for yourself. LCL is a product that shares space with others in a single container. It’s economical because you only pay for the space you get. Implementing LCL usually takes longer than FCL, as it requires additional processing, merging, deconsolidation, and logistics. When should I choose shipping?
Choosing FCL or LCL is much cheaper depending on the size, volume and type of goods you want to ship.

Transit time is not an issue. Shipping from China to Dubai usually takes 20-38 days, depending on the port and shipping options. There are more than 20 ports in China. Shipping takes a long time, very delicate, and if you need to ship as soon as possible, shipping will be the best choice. For items that are heavy or bulky – For items that are heavy in volume and size or require bulk shipping, we prefer shipping by sea.

How do shippers facilitate imports from China to Dubai?

To import from China to Dubai, it is important to know the selection method and customs procedures.

Carriers such as UKR Shipping Logistics have experience in importing goods from China to Dubai and can provide you with the most convenient option for your logistics needs. You can also request air and sea quotes from carriers and choose the one that suits you best.



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