Freight from China to UAE by Air & Sea

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Options for Shipping from China to UAE.

Dubai is the focal point for most of the activities related to economic and trade. But if you are interested in sending freight from china to Dubai or cargo from Dubai to china by air or sea. You are at the right place to do that easily at cheap rates and without any issue. With UKR you can easily import and export your good from China to UAE.

Ocean Freight from China to UAE:

LCL (Less than Container Load): Less than Container load shipping means that your shipment gets space in the shared container which carries shipment of other shippers. It is very beneficial if the customer freight is very less than the container space or he/she have few packages only. LCL is the most affordable option if the customer wants to move small shipments from China to UAE.

FCL (Full Container Load): Full Container Load shipping means that paying for the complete container. In that, the shipper can place goods in the entire container. It is very suitable and affordable especially for large and heavy goods shipping.

Air Freight from China to UAE.

If you want to import or export your goods urgently, air freight is the best option for that. It is very suitable for valuable and expensive goods.

Cost to Ship Freight from China to UAE.

The short answer for this it depends on the volume, weight, and size of your goods. UKR Shipping never charges a huge amount from customers to maintain a good relationship with the clients. Along with that ensuring the shipment to receive on time and completely safe. Moreover, the chosen shipping method also depends on the cost to ship freight. Airfreight is a bit expensive than sea freight from China to UAE. But it’s 3 times faster than the sea freight. Sea freights are cheaper but take much time to receive.

Freight from China to UAE by Air & Sea

Time to Ship Cargo from China to UAE.

Freight from China to UAE depends on the mode of shipping chose by the shipper. If he/she chose want to ship faster air freight is the best option. Apart from that if the customer is not in a hurry and has a huge amount of goods, sea freight is the best option. The time to ship by air cargo is 7 days and the time to ship by sea cargo is 20 to 25 days.

Why UKR Shipping.

Importing from China to UAE for any business should be straight forward and easy. Our expert team with professional skills is a key role in shipping your cargo from China to UAE without any stress. Along with that, we can satisfy all the logistic needs of the clients. Tracking shipment is so easy with UKR shipping. all you need to enter the tracking number provided by us on the website to track your shipment. Moreover, you can ask any of our experts for shipment tracking.

  • Given Below advantages you will get with UKR Shipping.
  • 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and phone.
  • Less complexity of the custom, as almost all requirements are handled by us.
  • In one place your entire shipment will be managed.

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