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Take the last leg of your supply chain to the next level with fulfillment logistics from UKR Shipping. Keep delivery on time and customers satisfied.

The last step in your supply chain is often the most important, as it is one of the final steps before your product reaches the customer. UKR Shipping’s fulfillment logistics help you get the most out of the last part of your supply chain. Whether it’s ensuring timely delivery of your orders or managing your inventory in a safe and secure environment, we’re here to help you fulfill your orders with ease.

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Make complex supply chains and warehousing easier for you.  We UKR Shipping Company offers storage, fulfillment, and distribution services tailored to your needs. Our warehousing services include material handling, inbound and outbound operations, reverse logistics, COD, e-commerce fulfillment, powerful WMS integration, and more. Our evaluation.

We also offer value-added services to make sure your fulfillment process is the best it can be. Here are just a few of the processes that will operate efficiently, all of the time:


  • Co-packing
  • Labeling and sorting
  • Merging in transit
  • Localization 
  • Testing/QA
  • Etching
  • Kitting/Bundling
  • Re-packing

Our Fulfillment Logistics Benefits

Reduce inventory and cash-to-cash cycle times by preordering inventory based on customer needs and enabling shipping solutions.

Reduce distribution costs: we optimize your network by placing your distribution points close to the market and thus reducing your distribution costs.

More flexibility on cut times: Our integrated transmission and delivery services give you more control over setting cut times with your customers.

Support for shipping strategies: Our proven track record in final assembly and sales promotion helps you support your shipping.

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Organize completely safe and secure warehouses with all the necessary facilities, we manage your inventory and supply chain issues, so you can be completely focused on its core business functions.

Your goods will be stored and handled with the utmost care, and the advanced technology deployed in our warehousing and distribution services will help you keep track of your inventory from arrival to departure and in between, with accurate inventory status and reporting.

Whether large pallets or small boxes, we have you!