Import-export business to start in Dubai

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Import-exportThe UAE’s strategic placement in the global economy is justifiably celebrated. The Dubai market imports-exports. Dubai, formerly a major oil exporter, today imports a wide range of goods and services from all over the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, and, of course, the Middle East are all served by its well-established trading linkages. While these linkages are beneficial to all worldwide firms, they are especially important to import/export enterprises. When filing for an import-export license, there are a few fees to consider.

UAE Import-Export contribution

The UAE’s worldwide position is one of the numerous reasons why it imports USD 175 billion and exports USD 142 billion in commodities each year to and from a broad range of nations, including India, China, Japan, Turkey, and several EU member states.

Another factor contributing to the UAE’s prominence as a significant import-export center is how simple it is to establish a business and trade here. The UAE general trading license allows you to trade various items under one license, and the country’s free zones give customs, import, and export tax exemptions of 100 percent. Furthermore, with the appropriate direction, you may start your UAE import-export business in only a few days.

Cost of import and export licenses

When filing for an import-export license, there are a few fees to consider. The first is your trade license’s price. A general trade license in Fujairah Creative City with one visa and usage of the co-working facilities, for example, would cost AED 19,538.

You must also consider tax when importing items to sell on the local market.

Begin an import-export firm in the United Arab Emirates?

Procedure is only simple provided your application is full and error-free at the time of submission.

When forming an import-export firm in the UAE. Engage with a company formation specialist like Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ) to verify that this is the case.

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