Shipping method from Turkey to United Arab Emirates

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Turkey to UAE

Trade relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have grown steadily than understanding between the two countries.

According to official statistics, the average annual trade between the two countries is $ 8 billion and the UAE ranks first in the Arab world in terms of trade with Turkey. The UAE is the 12th world importer of Turkish goods and products. The large-scale investment relationship between the two countries is said to be the most developed and there are many mutual investments between the two countries in various sectors such as tourism, banking, energy and technology. Turkey and the UAE share the same modern infrastructure and are designed to be one of the most important supply chains in the world, both geographically diverse and modern and advanced. Enjoy the port and the airport.

Until the completion of this territorial project, the trade and transport of goods between Turkey and the UAE will take place in two ways:

Sea cargo from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates

The goods depart from various Turkish ports in all Turkish states and cities, cross the Mediterranean Sea to the Suez Canal, cross the Red Sea to the Bab Armandab Strait, and cross the Gulf of Aden and the bay. Oman is located in the Indian Ocean after crossing the Strait of Hormuz until it reaches the waters of the Persian Gulf. Sea freight is cheaper than other types of freight and is likely to transport large quantities of goods at one time, so it is recommended for transporting large quantities of goods.

Air transport from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates

Air cargo operates through major known airports in both countries, such as Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, which is dedicated to air cargo, and the famous Dubai Airport. Air freight is one of the fastest shipping methods in the world, but it is more expensive than sea freight, which is recommended for transporting large quantities of goods.

Best prices and costs from Turkey to the UAE

Air freight from Turkey to the UAE is often based on weight and the heavier the cargo carried, the more expensive it is. In maritime transport, transport is often based on the length, height and area (i.e. area) in the container, which the carrier’s country occupies.

Sea freight is often cheaper than air freight, but many airlines or shipping companies offer many special offers and rates for brokers and clients. In this regard, the role of the commercial intermediary is to provide the customer with these opportunities without worrying about how the goods are shipped and obtained.

Shipping terms and documents required by Turkey to the UAE

The general trend currently followed by the Turkish government is to increase exports to support domestic products and, as a result, export procedures from the country are generally simpler. Therefore, anyone wishing to buy and import raw materials from Turkey should choose the most sincere and experienced trading broker to trade well without big losses.

What is the best shipping company from Turkey to the UAE? In Turkey, shipping companies, commercial intermediaries, national and international logistics companies compete to serve anyone who wishes to import from Turkey.

UKR Shipping based in UAE is a leader in customer satisfaction and has built long-term partnerships with all parties in the import and export industry. The company is regarded as one of the leading trading intermediaries in Turkey, providing integrated service packages to customers wishing to import goods into Turkey.
Services include connecting customers with key suppliers, offering various options, and guiding customers to the best options available. UKR Shipping also provides logistic services for product packaging, product compliance with the required specifications and transport and customs operations.

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