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 Turkey to United Arab Emirates UKR Shipping has been providing distinguished freight services for goods and various materials from Turkey to  United Arab Emirates. In dealing with all types of air and sea shipments issued from Turkey to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, UKR Shipping has relied on the highest levels of accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

UKR Shipping’s air freight service from Turkey to the UAE has the following advantages:

UKR Shipping uses international aircraft to transfer cargo and cargo. Our services cover the majority of the UAE’s major airports, ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of delivery time and shipment security.

The service’s most important features are:

  • Most cities in the UAE are served by a shipping service from Turkey.
  • The delivery method is made more flexible by regular flight timings from all Turkish airports to all Emirates airports.
  • To ensure the safety of shipments, provide secure storage facilities.
  • On-time delivery and door-to-door shipping options.
  • Providing insurance for shipments at the customer’s request.
  • Collection services for shipments, packaging, packages, parcel packing, and personal shipping are available.

Benefits of the marine freight route between Turkey and Dubai and the United Arab Emirates include:

UKR Shipping provides marine freight services to most ports in the UAE, including Jebel Ali Port, Khalifa Port, Sharjah Port, and Fujairah. We are ready to provide and promote an effective sea freight program for an integrated supply chain from Turkey, including delivery at the port and from door to port.

The following is the most essential feature of the service:

  • Shipping furniture and furnishings from Turkish enterprises and manufacturers is a specialty service we offer.
  • Transportation of automobiles from Istanbul to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Weekly flights and contracts with international shipping lines are provided on a regular basis.
  • With experience dealing with various types of shipments, we can provide competitive shipping solutions and complete operations quickly.
  • Receiving goods from Turkish companies, arranging and loading them into containers in a precise and organized manner.


  • dear, I want to send a personal parcel from Abu Dhabi to turkey, do you have any service?

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