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The UAE offers the best food export potential for British exporters

The UAE is becoming increasingly attractive as a market for high-quality British exporters and would-be exporters.

With a population expected to reach £10.2 million by 2018, a rich diversity of cultures and nationalities (approximately 30% of whom are from India and Pakistan), and over 16 million tourists visiting the country last year.

UAE-UK commerce has increased by 12% to $22 billion

In terms of bilateral commerce, the UK and the United Arab Emirates traded nearly £12 billion in 2013. For the food and drink industry, which is expected to be valued at about £26 billion by 2018,

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation revealed during an official visit that total trade between the UK and UAE increased by more than 12% to £17.5 billion ($22.4 billion) in 2017.

Last year, UK exports to the UAE were £11.1 billion, while imports from the UAE totaled £6.4 billion, resulting in a £4.7 billion trade surplus.

According to the numbers, products accounted for £4.3 billion (66.8%) of total UK imports from the UAE, while services accounted for £2.1 billion (33.2%).

What are the various shipping possibilities between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is a vital gateway to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

In addition, outside of the EU, the UAE is the UK’s fourth largest export market. Non-oil industries account for over 70% of the UAE’s GDP (GDP).

You have two options for exporting your goods from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates:

Airfreight or ocean freight

Airfreight is the quickest and safest means to transport merchandise from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates . So, how do you choose between flying and steaming your goods to the UAE?

If you choose to transport your items by ocean freight, you have two alternatives. The size, weight, and contents of your shipment, as well as how quickly you need your items, determine whether you ship LCL or FCL.

When your goods have a short shelf life, are fragile, or are electrical, airfreight is usually the best option.

What would the cost of shipping from the UK to the UAE be?

Air freight is significantly more expensive than ocean freight when shipping from the UAE to the UK. Ocean freight charges are less variable than air freight. Good freight forwarders like UKR Shipping may even provide shorter travel times. Choose ocean freight from the UK to the UAE or vice versa if you have the time to wait for your products.

Customs difficulties and port delays can cause delays in shipping. Your freight forwarder should go over all of the details and the type of your shipments with you. A qualified freight forwarder can help you with all of these procedures.

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